The Moondream know-how / BLACKOUT RANGE

A wide variety of curtains and linings to improve visual comfort

For 5 years, Moondream has been marketing curtains whose blackout(1) qualities are not due to an added product but to a tightly woven multi-fibre fabric. For example, a double satin with black wire inside.

With this revolutionary process, the blackout fabric adds the “blackout” function to the pleasures of a truly traditional fabric: touch, drop, suppleness, etc.

The range of blackouts is available in plain or fancy products with a textured look or stripes and an “Editeur” collection which combines a Moondream blackout material and a high quality déco fabric.

*The lux is the measurement of the intensity of light
(1)Measurement of the daylight entering through a window alone, a curtained window and a window with a light or dark blackout curtain. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory. Report N°M109 by the ENVEHO research organisation, June 2011.