The Moondream know-how / ACOUSTIC RANGE

The juxtaposition of 3 components to improve acoustic comfort

Improved acoustic comfort can be achieved by increasing the weight and density of the material used. Benefitting from this great principle of physics, Moondream has developed a curtain that provides a significant degree of noise reduction (up to 7 decibels* less) thanks to the successive juxtaposition of three components:

  • 1 very heavy blackout fabric
  • 1 equally heavy brushed cotton
  • between the 2, a thermal insulation fabric

Acoustic curtains are available in several colours.

* Sound energy divided by 4
Measurement of the level of noise entering through a window alone and a window with a Moondream acoustic curtain. Tests carried out by the Kiétudes independent laboratory. Report of 7 July 2011.