The Brunswick company

Over a century of success!

Founded in 1909, Brunswick is part of the small circle of "Family-owned Companies" which have enjoyed over a century of success! The company, founded by the great-grandparents of the current director, is famous for the quality of its textile linings. In 2007, it launched the Moondream brand which markets linings and curtains especially designed to provide better insulation (be it thermal, visual or acoustic).

Georges Brunswick, François Brunswick, Jean-Claude Brunswick, Charles Brunswick

The success of the Brand is the result of a single aim: to offer consumers real alternative solutions, providing effective results and easy to install.

Each Moondream product:

The international breadth of the company is based on a dedicated sales force in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The presence of the Brand in other countries is ensured by agents.

Product distribution is ensured via 2 centres in France (in the Lyons and the Paris regions) and exclusive subcontractors in Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

The company has its offices in Paris and Brussels.